Schillr 3D Firefox Extension

Download the "Schillr 3D Firefox extension V 1.2"
(Please download the schillr V 1.2 addon from mozilla.org to get the recent updates)

Schillr 3D is a firefox extenstion that gives you the ability to view any stereo image on the web in the format you can view best.

Just surf the web and every time, you see a stereo image (parallel-view or cross-view) just right-click on the image to choose your preferred output format.

Choose one of the following viewing modes:
3D parallel to cross
3D cross to parallel
3D parallel to red/cyan
3D cross to red/cyan
3D parallel to amber/blue
3D cross to amber/blue
3D parallel to wiggle
3D cross to wiggle

Please notice: This add-on does NOT convert 2D images into 3D!

View this example: