Schillr.com is an application that automatically converts 3D stereo photos from one format into others. Learn more about this application and take part in the discussion on flickr

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Viewing and making 3D Photographs
Learn how to view and make your own 3D photographs from this tutorial by Ray Tomes on flickr


Green/Magenta added
The green/magenta anaglyph format has been added
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Rate your favourite Stereo-Photos
With the new 5 stars voting tool you are now able to vote for your favourite stereo images. Just move your mouse over the stars and choose your rating from 1 to 5. Click here to view the
top rated stereo photos

Use your Super Bowl 3D glasses
You own a pair of Super Bowl 3D glasses? Put them on and click here to convert the images on schillr.com to this viewing format.
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Schillr on black
View the Schillr 3D Application on a black or on a white background.
view on black
view on white

3D-Effect without glasses
3D images can now be viewed as wiggle stereo images. By alternating the two images you get the illusion of 3D.
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Thanks for linking
These users kindly link schillr.com from their image descriptions
Dan (aka firrs)
Ric e Ette
Paul J Taylor
Patrick Hoff
ofir tirosh
Duncan _C
Absolute Chaos

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Learn about Stereoscopic 3D imagery

A new blog from the Art Director's Club of New Jersey will introduce you to the magic of 3D stereoscopic imagery.
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Schillr Firefox Addon
Surf the web and right-click on any parallel or cross-eye image you find to convert it into your preferred viewing format.
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Stereophotography groups
Join the Stereophotography Groups on flickr and post your own 3D photos! Just to mention three of them:
3D Crossview Stereos

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(by Mr_Graflex at flickr)

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