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Regenstein cave 3-D / CrossView / Stereoscopy

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Ein illustratives Tutorial, wie man den Kreuzblick erlernen und auf die 3-D Brille verzichten kann...

Learn how to free view stereoscopic images without 3D glasses...

uploaded : Sat, 12 Jan 2019 13:47:15 +0100
by Stereotron photopage at flickr
tags : megalithic megalith felsenburg rockcastle elfcastle cave prehistoric prähistorisch burgruine festung regenstein sachsenanhalt saxonyanhalt ostfalen harz mountains gebirge ostfalia hardt hart hercynia harzgau deutschland germany europe cross eye view xview crosseye pair free sidebyside sbs kreuzblick bildpaar 3d photo image stereo spatial stereophoto stereophotography stereoscopic stereoscopy stereotron threedimensional stereoview stereophotomaker photography picture raumbild twin canon eos 550d remote control synchron kitlens 1855mm 100v10f tonemapping hdr hdri raw

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