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psychic attacks / how energy works THROUGH people / and the fact that the ONLY power is LIGHT.


photo by Weimin Wang

I will begin by stating the obvious: dark is the absence of light, and nothing else. if that is not obvious to you, then let it be. it will change the way you interpret people and situations in life. essentially, there is no such thing as darkness.

that said, there is a consciousness of energy alone. this consciousness, in 5d form, can take 3d form. when this happens, there is a container: typically a human (on occasion however, we hear crazy things like possession of dolls and inanimate objects — I won’t go there in this post as it will digress greatly). as the absence of light/love exists in the ego realms, humans are natural containers for a range of energy — ranging from light to “dark”. in order to survive, one must either 1) break their ego and access light from within or 2) refuse to break their ego and access light from others. there are variances and nuances and grey areas throughout the human race in terms of what we carry at different times and why. however the fundamental and basic bottom line remains: there is no such thing as dark.

so, how is it that dark manifests as “powerful” darkness in the form of evil acts like psychic attacks and worse? there are too many examples for me to type, especially given my work experience (in which I see how it all works — when I look at a person, I see every person connected to them, and those connected to them, and what the potentials are for the absence of light to affect them psychologically and physically — I see exactly where that light or lack thereof lives, and WHY). I will later in this blog post start with hypothetical examples. the examples are, however, largely based on very specific first-hand witness to very real examples. I want to be clear by saying that I am not citing specific people or their specific situations as they relate to my work. I honor each experience, protect it, and contain it without mention or discussion — even on an anonymous basis. other examples that I will also share later in this post will be from my own life, in which I will be far less hypothetical.

let me first start by saying that my first-hand experience and black and white understanding, time and time again without fail, and proven through my work and personal life, is the fact that each person on our planet is born at a “set point” or intrinsic potential for a particular amount of light. much more about this can be found in my eBooklet “we are not attacked because we are flawed…”. anyhow, each of us with our intrinsic and RELATIVE set point, no matter how low or high (again, irrelevant to each of our personal potentials for inner growth and happiness – it is only by comparing and contrasting this from different perspectives that we perceive “better” or “worse”), is paired with free will. free will is an entirely different animal. free will aka conscious or conveniently unconscious decision-making, the barometer upon which we will either thrive or suffer. when we look outside of ourselves to better our life, we suffer. when we look within ourselves to better our life, we grow. no matter our set point (please read power versus force by Hawkins to better understand individual human calibrations — it is an intro to much of what I am writing about here), it is when we pair it with free will that things change. for example, the Universe will “judge” us based on our individual and relative capabilities and what we DECIDE based on ego/free will.

so let’s say “I” have a naturally high, higher than median average calibration, an incredible gift of perception, and a natural ability to create a powerhouse of good in the world — this would mean that I come from a natural frequency of love, and that was just what happened when I landed at birth in term of my natural calibration or electromagnetic field frequency (again, just like an electronic, we each have one!). but, let’s say that I got lazy because of my human ego. I took my gifts for granted, and I took my natural frequency of love for granted. perhaps the initiations that were presented to me at birth (to transcend my ego and even raise my frequency) became excuses instead of triumphs. this is known as WASTED POTENTIAL. and so I hang out with my head barely above water, never accessing the natural gifts that the Universe has set up for me. I operate at about 5% of my set point frequency and never do any work to move beyond that. this is the ultimate sin by the way, wasting gifts that the Universe has bestowed upon us. then let’s say there is another person who came in with a more median calibration. not as high as mine. they did not come in from a natural frequency of love or joy (and again this is relative, like the mosaic of our planet, so “high” or “low” does not matter and is not judged but rather simply discerned) but they used free will in terms of transcending their ego. they didn’t just keep their head above water, or make excuses, rather they passed some of their “tests” that their soul set up for them prior to or at birth. the ultimately decided to and were able to access nearly 100% of their natural calibration. though their set point never changed, they transcended karma and, relative to their purpose in this life, they lived it. the difference between “I” above and this other person, is that they chose to look within and create from a positive free will aim. their “reward” would be multi-fold. I won’t go into specifics for fear of examples being taken out of context. but you can believe that we pay the price when we take for granted, do not do the work, and feed externally versus internally; and we are rewarded when we do the work, feed ourselves internally, and transcend ego. the latter example combines positive free will with our overall human container (which contains a calibration set point) and whether we are naturally at a 200 or an 800, we are living at our relative 100%. someone living 100% at a 200 intrinsic set point is more powerful and more at peace than someone living 5% at a 800 intrinsic set point. the only common denominator / affector here is again: FREE WILL (relative to innate calibration/frequency).

free will can be discerned based on intention. often times I work with such wonderful people, and they blame themselves for things that have absolutely nothing to do with them (always, always early life training! and I have to remind them: if you are going to judge yourself, judge your INTENTION. it is in our intention that our free will rears it ugly or beautiful head, and so much can be seen as a result of that. if it is our intention to see another person suffer simply because we believe that they are lucky or have more than us, and that by them suffering perhaps we have a shot at more light (major lack mentality), we create more and more of an absence of light. if it is our intention to see another person thrive simply because we understand the law of relativity as it relates to each of us, and that there is no such thing as lack even if we perceive someone else to have “more” in some way, we create more and more of a container of light within us. and we are capable of expanding more and more toward our 100% light body. intention is everything. which leads me, in part, into the subject of this blog post: psychic attacks / how energy works THROUGH people / and the fact that the ONLY power is LIGHT.

we can only be successfully psychically attacked when our conscious or unconscious mind AGREES to the vibration of the attack. and, even then, the attack is a blessing as it will ultimately reveal where we need to purge what is not in alignment with ourselves. we can not feel bad unless there is something within us that needs to purge/leave. feeling bad is a psychological (conscious or unconscious) condition. nothing more. and it doesn’t mean it is our fault, either. we must investigate to discover how xyz belief (again — conscious or UNconscious — very important to note what unconscious looks like!) got there. once we can do this, and fish-hook out said belief, we can relieve ourselves of the attack. that said, we can and do often suffer the short-term effects of a psychic attack (due to the reasons I mention above). what is a psychic attack? a psychic attack, simply, is another person’s perception of their own LACK projected onto another person. PERIOD. when the ego has become so damaged by whatever training, programming or poor free will associated with keeping it damaged, it looks to feed from the outside. unconscious manifestations of lack become conscious, and that energy becomes the focus of the attacker. the attacker will seek out LIGHT. both consciously AND unconsciously. this is where it can get tricky for people to spot/pick up on. there are many people like me, who can not even begin to think bad thoughts for another person, and therefore zipper their higher self right over their human self — confusing the two. I’ve done it a million times over. I’ve looked at a person, seen their dark spots, but before I could even fully acknowledge them, zippered their higher self (which they have not actualized at ALL — either out of free will or another reason) right over their human self. all of a sudden, I have set myself up, because this person sees something that they lack — and they want it! when someone is completely cut off from their higher self, it is too late to even attempt to assist them or fill in their blank spaces. they will find anyone they can to project their unwanted qualities onto, and it will always be someone who carries light. however, there is a specific gateway/loophole/access point to keep in mind: conscious or unconscious beliefs that do not line up with the person’s core of which they intend to draw from/attack. if we are carrying these out of alignment thoughts or beliefs, somewhere, anywhere, we can (temporarily) become a feeding frenzy for a psychic vampire. even if we HAVE cleaned up most of our unaligned beliefs about self, a person of such extreme lack will gravitate toward us. if they can not get to us specifically, they will feed/host off of anyone associated with us.

I shared a story in my “hostile envy” blog post about experiences I had with women early on in life. it is worth reading to get a feel for what I am explaining here. that experience taught me so much, and helped to give me a heads up about what real energetic lack looks like for the rest of my life, as I observe others who appear to want to be in my life for whatever reason. the basis of that post, and the basis of my point here, is that someone in lack is not always the most obvious case (well, not to us, and often they ARE obvious to those around us!). this can make it difficult once we let them into our life even the tiniest bit. they may appear, on the outside, to be sensitive, creative, fun and have it all together. the basic human eye or brain can not always detect lack, because those in extreme lack are often masters of disguise at hiding it. the one way that they hide it is by wearing the energy of others. yes, wearing the energy of others.

I once had an intuitive reading with someone and she said to me about a particular energy I was curious about in my life “if she could bathe in you, she would”. this is what it feels like energetically. it may make zero intellectual sense. but once the energy begins to manifest, which I will get into below, it is undeniable. those who hide their lack use others, essentially bathe in them, and in this way mask their darkness aka absence of light.

a person of extreme lack has no other option, after they have bypassed free will to fill their own container of light, than to wear others unless they be discovered for what they actually are. these people are leeches, grifters of sorts. you will find them at spiritual events (one of their favorite spots!!), churches, socialite events and the like. like drug addicts, they need a constant supply of energy. and they will get it through any means. what we MUST keep in mind, is that our energy exists beyond the human 3d level. so when we feel something “funny” in our gut, we MUST honor it. because our intellect can not begin to rationalize the behavior of a psychic vampire. internet and social media is a great metaphor to explain how each of us is made. we each have transmitters and receivers that run rampant all over the grid of our planet. there are millions of aspects to each of us, and we can’t possibly understand all of them. we do not know, all of the time, how our battery is being charged or used by others, or what aspects of our frequencies are supporting energy we either want everything to do with or nothing to do with. we must keep in mind that like a computer, each of us has a firewall and a server and a bandwidth. those of us with high frequencies and positive free will are targets for those who, as I explain above, are simply lazy. often inconspicuous, psychic attackers absorb us in many ways. one example is by intention alone. if we are not aware of our own cognitive beliefs, conscious and unconscious, an energy vampire will unconsciously spot that and use it. intention carries a signal and, like a computer or phone message, will attach to our own psychological unfinished business. they will also try to befriend us, constantly want to give us things or exchange not only time but material items. for example, they will try to get us to pay for things. or they will ask for very innocuous things from us. I once had a person who became so obsessed with me asking me for the most RIDICULOUS things: basically ANY item at all from me. energy vampires will also want you to eat their food, wear their clothes or material items, and get their hands on any of your 3d “stuff’ possible. if they can not get what they want in that way, they will shift tactics. they will gossip or worm-tongue you. it will start off light, until they can rope in a person or two just a little bit, and they will use that energy to fill their dark pit. this gives them just enough fuel to keep going. when this is not enough, which it will never be, they will seek to emotionally charge you. either through the above, or directly confronting you to poke you emotionally so that you bleed in some way. you will be left confused, wondering what happened. and how it happened. and what you did. if this does not work, and even if it does, they will still seek fuel…

once upon a time, I had met a serious case energy vampire. I had an initial aversion to this particular person. they seemed “ok”, especially on the surface, but something in my gut said “no”. in retrospect, they had “crazy eyes”. I couldn’t tell if they were in love with me, or if they wanted to kill me. those kind of eyes. I continued to cross paths with them and never felt the pull to connect. then, they friended me on social media. social media, by the way, is a massive portal of negativity. I will not even elaborate on the harmful portals associated with it, and that will be another post at some point. but here’s the bottom line: imagine something that allows for trillions of signals and awarenesses from billions of people at once to focus at random (or not). we are constantly averting that which we do not want and trying to move toward what we do want while navigating this very intense ball of energy (our phone! our computer!). social media and the internet is a psychic vampire’s greatest love. it is here that they can make themselves known, present, either to us or to anyone who knows us. back to the story — they friended me on social media. I thought nothing of it. after all, there was no glaring “proof” as to the core of this person and I had a knack for zippering higher selves right over human selves. they hoovered me for about a year or so, probably with every aim in mind to meet me again in person, working through mutual acquaintances any way they could. this was of course not obvious to me at the time. after some later evident wear and tear on my field, through the gateways/portals of the internet, we crossed paths in person for the first time. this time was intentional on my part, and I had overlooked any possible motive or intention of their energy. HOWEVER — and there is always a however in retrospect — I did notice a very creepy energy associated with family members of this person. because of what I do for work, there are certain “facts” that I just can not ignore or get away from. I remember seeing a family member of this person online (thanks online “suggestions”) and knowing that this person (the obsessive energy vampire / psychic attacker, focused on me) was severely abused and had pushed that memory into their unconscious. but it was clear as day to me, who did it, and what. just to digress for a moment, this is the hardest thing for me about being intuitive. the first time it happened I was in a restaurant working as a hostess, and this doctor came in with his little girl. I knew immediately he was molesting her. I felt helpless. I had no proof. but I KNEW. it is impossible to explain. anyhow, I had a similar “knowing” about the context of this person who was focused on me. but, sometimes I have to write the knowings off because I get SO much information about people – information I am not asking for and do not want. but in retrospect, it showed me the gateway as to the evil, dark, and light-absent nature of the energy associated with and through person who would become so focused upon me…

in short, they became obsessed. I felt it. and 3d signs began to show for me! my sign is cockroaches. when someone has done something to me in the form of a psychic attack, a cockroach will appear right in front of me. it happens like clockwork. it is my totem animal of guidance. and, I have an aversion to roaches. major. like most people. one day, there were 3 cockroaches that crossed my path in the most unlikely of places. the obsessed person was on my mind, as they had put their efforts into overdrive to be in contact with me. and stalk a person I had dated. and try to see me. and try to get their acquaintances to see me (super witchy shit). and there were these roaches, letting me know, “shut it down”. at that moment, I began the clearing (more on that later — how to clean the energy of a psychic attack) process. and that is when this obsessive person turned it up a notch. they began a 24/7 campaign of obsessive contact with everyone they thought I ever might know, have known or be in contact with on any level. all hours of the night (I am serious), they began connecting with anyone who had ever been associated with any of my social media accounts. following, liking, commenting like a crazy person. it was so outrageous, that I began getting calls and texts from friends about this person. this had been the case all along, their overt actions toward me online, but just in a much more mild tone before I cut off personal communication with this energy vampire. once I did that, they went into a full-blown addiction. it is akin to what I see energetically when I work with people who have dated narcotics addicts. I could not believe that in just 48 hours, the person who was so focused on feeding off of me, had contacted dozens of people from my high school (without knowing where I was from, though I now realize it’s not that hard to find out) including family members whom I was not even connected to online. as the screenshots of this person’s behavior rolled in, I was stunned. this was, by far, the craziest addiction to drawing light from a person that I had personally experienced. friends and acquaintances of mine were generally concerned, and on edge for their own personal security. I spoke with a few of them about it after they reached out to me, and I was told by more than one person that they were surprised I would ever associate with such a person — that their darkness aka absence of light was so palpable to them. these people, of course, had a high energy, perception, and were extremely intuitive. because the person was not focused on them directly, it was also easier for them to see than it was for me. it’s always clearer that way.

the oddest (or not) thing was, as the light hit the reality of the above scenario, I encountered another 3 cockroaches. this time, however, they were in very poor shape. one walked by me with only one wing, and it was falling off of the body. another one was half dead near the garbage, barely moving, and the 3d, most disgusting one, was on my ceiling where the ceiling meets the wall: have you ever seen a cockroach poop!? me neither. until that night. it was as if I had been under siege, and these roaches were letting me know I had exorcised this energy from my life. as this massive, poopy roach looked at me from the corner of the ceiling, it slid down the wall slowly and in a falling fashion — yet still hooked to the wall. each time it feel, mouse-sized turds released from its body. I was stunned. I have never seen anything like that before. and the symbolism was so. clear. it was over. I had processed this “thing” out of my body and out of my mind.

around this time, and maybe prior to the final 3 roaches making their appearance, I got a few intuitive readings on this. I also spoke with my clinical therapist about it. she let me know that she had seen this behavior many times, and that it was a classic dissociative and obsessive behavior seen when one person can not accept parts of themselves and in effect tries to “become” another person to escape their unconscious pain. I knew this for others I had worked with, but hearing it regarding my own situation felt different. this made me feel so badly for this person who was doing this to me. but, I could not ignore the level of overt, shameless bully in them, or the level of unscrupulous and dark focus they had. I would not enable this behavior with empathy, I had to protect myself. and I was instructed to do anything I could to stay away, protect myself, and alert those close to me as to the behavior. the psychics, whilst knowing nothing about why I had asked for an intuitive reading in advance, picked up on this person IMMEDIATELY. I felt like, why is this so obvious to everyone but me!? well, that is my soft spot — the area I need to learn and grow in more — the area that says “we are all equal” when in fact, I know we are NOT all equal energetically. I was being forced to build greater firewalls, be less trusting, more discerning, and also to pick up on more nuanced and subtle hallmarks of mental illness. each psychic I spoke with said that this person was trying to become me. literally. they saw the entire situation, head to toe. it was baffling. and, the energetic consequences of the situation were still rampant. I had a responsibility to myself, and to others whom I would assist in the future who would be in the position that I was then in, to see this entire thing through and understand it top to bottom.

I made sure that the camera in my front window was working. I made sure that this person could not get to me physically. I decided only to alert a few people about the situation whom I felt needed to know. I put light around it and, fortunately, I had a couple of amazing people around me who saw it all along so clearly. there were some who did not. and probably can not ever, because they have something in common with the lack energy that was pursuing me. c’est la vie. their free will was still an option. months later, I saw the consequences of this person’s actions and intentions toward me. without too many details so as to not escape any unneeded energy their way, they had grifted nearly a dozen people I knew into their communication. it was in this way that they felt they still had access to the source (me). some of these people fell prey, and learned their own lessons associated with this energy. and I let them go. one of the benefits of experiencing a psychic attack is that it is like sunshine after a snowstorm. it melts away all that is like, all that might stick to it. and we are left with a super clean slate. it is just emotionally painful sometimes as the slate cleans. and, needless, as there are neutral casualties of this kind of war. but those casualties are not without their own free will, so how much of a casualty are they really?

my lessons: I didn’t cause this. I used to have a lot of beliefs around everything being my fault. from the day I was born. one of the reasons that this happened was the Universe’s intention for allowing me to master knowing that this had nothing to do with me. there is a line I will never forget, that my therapist has said to me repeatedly, and it was the first line she ever spoke on our very first session on my very first day with her: “a person’s obsession with you has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU”. I remember sitting in that chair, I had told her nothing about my life, I was already afraid that she didn’t like me, and I had no idea why she had said that. that central theme, however, has unfolded retroactively with many different shades and truths since the moment she said it. and so I learned that lesson. and, as we learn a lesson during a psychic attack, it loses its power. I also learned my power through the experience. no one pursues and attacks something unless it is something that they want and/or need and either can not or will not get it from themselves. I had already known that the only power in existence is light, but it reinforced how true this is due to the gravity of this attack (again, some details have been left out here).

most interesting about the above attack is how the energy was able to move through and pervade others — however, the only “others” it was able to pervade, were those whom in some way MATCHED the psychic vampire at the helm of it. just like I, too, had a role. I had to match it in some way. and there was some belief in myself, unconsciously, deep down, that still needed to be released. and it was. but still, seeing how insidious and rampant energy is and how it can travel has been mind-blowing. I explain this to my patients in the contexts of their own lives, but explaining it here is more difficult because I am having a one-way conversation. a huge point of this post is to let you know that whatever we have unresolved within us will seek to be resolved — often by unwanted forces. so picking up on that is key. also key, is knowing that once the lesson has been transcended, there is no food/light left for which to fuel said attack. we must protect our light by knowing ourselves on the deepest levels possible. energy is working through all of us, all of the time. it can be as strong as an entity possession, or as light as a dirty look.

here is a hypothetical example of the way that darkness will live in a light body. I already explained how it got there — conscious or unconscious beliefs. actual possession/voodoo stuff as I said earlier is an entirely different post. when someone is raped or severely physically attacked, the mind and spirit will often have to leave the room so that the body can survive. when this happens, the darkness of the attacker is able to then bypass into that person’s actual 3d body by averting their conscious awareness. they have to be unconscious at that point, in order to psychically survive the incident. let’s say I see someone who is pure natural light, their preset is love and joy, yet they are carrying something so contrary. something happened in order for that to occur. and, depending upon their free will combined WITH their natural preset, that will determine where that energy goes and if it is able to be transcended/transmuted outside of their physical body. because the spirit and conscious awareness of that person had to leave their body during their abuse or attack, it is my job to make it safe for those forgotten/rejected aspects of self to come back. I can ONLY work with those who have a high degree of positive free will/malleable ego, who seek to draw from within and not repeat the pattern of the attack which draws from the outside inward. the first thing that happens is my natural preset, much like an internet server, will match closely the natural preset of the person I am working with (I make sure this is the case before I even see them). once this resonance is in place, the energy that does not match has less of a nest within that person. as I begin my process of making it safe for forgotten aspects of that person to return to their body (transcending time and space, a very specific CBT that I do), they are able to raise their frequency as a result of their combined natural preset and free will. depending on the situation, this may be an immediate return to self or it may take months. it doesn’t matter, as the end game is the same. there is a return to self, and the darkness that feeds is forced to transcend or return to sender (that part is up to the Universe). during conversation, the entity or wraith that has found its home inside of a human body will squirm, and the person I am hypothetically dealing with will FEEL IT. when they make conscious and unconscious connections during our discussion, the energy has less and less of a chance of surviving on a minute to minute basis. when I go into straight energy work mode, they may fall unconscious and I may see an entire being — like a shadow in the shape of a person — leave their body. once we bridge the psychological with the energetic, there is no space for unaligned energy to live.

when I referenced the cockroaches example on a personal level, that is the “proof” of purged unaligned energy leaving my electromagnetic field/life. it is also very bittersweet when I see a roach. because it is my “evidence” of where time and space collapse and the entity both appears and leaves simultaneously. something has, indeed, been both taken from me and returned to me at the same time. it is a point of awareness for me to learn from all in one moment. as you digest all of this, you might find your own totems that are similar. it is in these moments that we also understand that there is only light.

if we can all do what it is our job to do, learn and grow from within while pulling from within and expanding from within with no exterior attempts to bathe in light (this is different from gathering and collaborating with like-minded energies, both on a psychological and intrinsic set point frequency level), we will notice that the only absence of light that can be experienced is a ploy from the Universe. it does, of course, show up, and much of it in tangible form. but, there is a job to do. and that job has everything to do with human evolution. anything derived from outside of us is short-term, unsustainable and un-lasting. anything derived from outside of us is force. and force has its expiration, according to the cockroaches in my life. true power is sustainable. the only power is LIGHT.

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