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Lou Gehrig, Famous Yankee First Baseman - Circa 1930

3D red/cyan anaglyph created from stereo card at the Library of Congress - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog:

LOC Title: Lou Gehrig, famous Yankee first baseman

LOC Notes: Gehrig, Lou,--1903-1941.

Date: Circa 1930

Photographer: Not Identified

Link to Lou Gehrig at Baseball Hall of Fame:

Red/Cyan (not red/blue) glasses of the proper density must be used to view 3D effect without ghosting. Anaglyph prepared using red cyan glasses from The Center For Civil War Photography / Civil War Trust.

uploaded : Wed, 15 Feb 2017 18:31:20 +0100
by civilwar3dhighdefwidescreen photopage at flickr
tags : lougehrig newyorkyankees 3d redcyan anaglyph

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